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Do you ever wish you had someone in your life that really SEES you? Someone that cheers you on, reminds you of how far you’ve come, and to keep going when you need a little push? Someone that understands how hard it can be to go against the grain and follow your passion? I have created what we both have been looking for – PLANSPIRATION.  A planner, yes, but also SO. MUCH. MORE.

This 2020 planner is your new best friend and biggest cheerleader. Think part planner part inspiration – with splashes of motivation, congratulations and illustrations. It is a safe place to DREAM BIG. It will remind you of your "why," encourage you to start (even if you don't feel ready), and to embrace YOUR INNER BADASS

Being an entrepreneur can be a struggle and, at times, even lonely. You must be very self-motivated and disciplined and there isn’t a boss to tell you “good job.” This past year I was really just craving some positive reinforcement and acknowledgement. I realized that if I don’t have an employer telling me to “keep up the good work” that I would do it for myself. As uncomfortable as it may sound, I DECIDED TO BECOME MY OWN BIGGEST FAN.

This planner is everything I wanted - and needed - to hear. It is scary to put my heart out there for all to see but instead of asking myself what is the worst thing that could happen from sharing this vulnerability I am choosing to ask myself WHAT IS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN? Will this encourage Lucy, a stay at home mom, to start her own business? Will this help Wendy keep track of her appointments? Will page 16 make Sarah feel seen? Will this remind Ashley of her strength and how far she has come?

Any and all of these would qualify as a best thing that could happen.

This planner is an opportunity for me to sprinkle a little hope and happiness into people’s hearts and homes.  And it is an opportunity for you to OWN WHO YOU ARE.  You are whole on your own but you don't need to walk the path alone.

Oh, and did I mention, there will be cute dogs too.  Obvs. 

I SEE YOU. And girl, you got this!


  • January 2020 – December 2020
  • 78 pages of full-color, motivational, inspirational goodness.
  • 6 in wide by 9 in tall, this slim paperback is light enough to join you on the go, everywhere you go.
  • Each month at glance is spread out over 2 pages with 2 pages of notes in between each month, and 29 additional pages of notes in the back.
  • Every calendar and note page is packed with some of my favorite quotes and fun illustrations to encourage you to DREAM BIG and get started.
  • Currently available in two cover variations - brunette or blonde (more options coming soon).
  • prints in 3-5 business days after order is placed.


So what are you waiting for? ORDER YOUR 2020 PLANNER TODAY and let's make sh*t happen!


"No words can ever describe the gorgeousness that this planner is! Pairs just as beautiful as the creator! Katie you're extremely talented! Every detail is more then I could have ever imagined! So beautiful! I don't even want to write in it! To say i'm in Love with it is an understatement! I will repurchase every year! Thank you for being so responsive Katie! That alone is 5 stars! Thank you! Bless your family" - Elva, Jan 8, 2020

"So cute! Love the big glossy print of the art work that's on the cover I'm definitely going to get a frame and hang it in my room ;) . Thanks so much such cute and great packaging!" -Jasmin, Jan 17, 2020

"...she's so kind and the plus she has awesome product that are great quality, unique and super cute. This 2020 planner is definitely the cutest most inspirational planner I've ever had. You did an awesome job with this! You should without a doubt keep making them for years to come." - Breeanne, Jan 8, 2020

"Never disappointed!!! I wait every year for my calendar and this year -- just fantastic!! Don't hesitate!!! her work is fun, happy and just fabulous!!" - Stacey Dec 29, 2019